Bài tập cụm động từ

Could you speak yp, please? I can’t ________ what you are sayng.

2. You have to________ your problem rather than avoid them.
a. Fall out
b. Find out
c. Face up to
d. Fill in

3. If I don’t________ this work, I’ll never finish it.
a. Get on with
b. Get over
c. Get away
d. Get out of

4. Our car ________ at the side of the highway in the snowstorm.
a. broke into
b. broke away
c. broke in
d. broke down

5. Does this jacket_______ my trousers?
a. go with
b. go through with
c. go ahead
d. go off

6. The bomb_______ when he rang the bell.
a. went over
b. went on
c. went out
d. went off

7. We hadn’t paid the bill, so our water suppy was________
a. Counted on
b. Counted out
c. Locked up
d. Cut off

8. The boxer________ his opponent in the second round.
a. Locked up
b. Let down
c. Knocked over
d. Knocked down

9. Students should have a dictionary to________ unknown words.
a. Look into
b. Look up
c. Look after
d. Look over

10. Could you speak yp, please? I can’t ________ what you are sayng.
a. Make out
b. Make for
c. Mix up
d. Make up

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