Những cách để nói ‘Very good’ trong tiếng Anh

You certainly did it well today.

Trong tiếng Anh, để diễn tả một điều gì đấy hay một ai đó rất tốt, thay vì nói câu ‘’ đơn điệu, bạn có đến 99 cách để diễn tả điều tương tự. Hãy cùng xem nhé!

1. You’re on the right track now
2. You’ve got it made
3. Super!
4. That’s right!
5. That’s good!
6. You’re really working hard today
7. you’re very good at that
8. That’s coming along nicely
10. I’m happy to see u working like that
11. That’s much, much better!
12. Exactly right
13. I am proud of the way u worked today
14. You’ re doing that much better today
15. You’ve just about get it
16. That’s the best you’ve ever done
17. You’re doing a good job
18. THAT’S IT!
19. Now you’ve figured it out
20. That’s quite an improvement
21. GREAT!
22. I knew u could do it
23. Congratulation!
24. Not bad
25. Keep working on it
26. You’re improving
27. Now u have it!
28. You rea learning fast
29. Good for u!
30. Couldn’t have done it better myself
31. Are u proud of yourself?
32. One more time and u’ll have it
33. You really make my job fun
34. That’s the right way to do it
35. You’re getting better everyday
36. You did it that time!
37. That is not half bad
38. Nice going
39. You haven’t missed a thing!
40. WOW!!!
41. That’s the way!
42. Keep up the good work
44. Nothing can stop u now
45. That’s the way to do it
47. You’ve got ur brain in gear today
48. That’s better
49. That was first class work
51. That’s the best ever
52. You’ve just about mastered it
54. That’s better than ever
55. Much better
57. You mist have been practicing
58. You did it very well
59. FINE
60. Nice going
61. You’re really going to town
65. That’s how to handle that
66. Now that’s what i call a fine job
67. That’s great
68. Right on!
69. You re really improving
70. You’re doing beatifully!
72. Good remembering
73. You’ve got that down pat
74. You certainly did it well today.
75. Keep it up!
76. Congratulation. You got it right!
77. You did a lot of work today
78. Well look at you go
79. That’s it
80. I am very proud of u
82. I like that
83. Way to go
84. Now you have the hang of it
85. you’re doing fine
86. Good thinking
87. You are really learn a lot
88. Good going
89. I have never seen anyone do it better
90. Keep on trying
91. You outdid urself today
92. Good for u!
93. I think ‘ve got it now
94. That’s good( boy or girl)
95. You figured that out fast
96. You remebered!
97. That’s really nice
98. That kind of work makes me happy
99. I think u’r doing the right thing

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